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 Alaska Ginseng products

Alaskan Ginseng Plant    

Devil's club is a most important plant to coastal people in Southeast & Southcentral Alaska,
for both medicinal & mystical purposes. Athabascans boil the stem & branches or the root bark
for fevers, stomach trouble, coughs, colds, and tuberculosis. Baked inner bark is used as a
compress on swollen glands, boils, sores & other infections. Tlingit, Haida & all other Pacific
Northwest coastal Indians have used this plant extensively. Medicinally, they use an infusion
of root bark for general strength, colds, chest pains, arthritis, black eyes, gallstones,
stomach ulcers, constipation and tuberculosis. 

The stalk can be chewed & spit directly upon open wounds as an emergency analgesic measure.
Devil's club is closely associated with shamanism. Shamans may carry a power charm made
with spruce twigs, devil's club roots & their animal tongue, acquired during their quests.
Devil's club is a ginseng plant, being a member of the Araliaceae family, & closely resembling
Siberian ginseng. Cosmonauts use Siberian ginseng for strength & well-being. The potential
for Devil's Club, hereafter called Alaskan ginseng, is great. Alaskan ginseng is a new panax
ginseng from the Pacific Northwest (panax is the genus name of Oriental & wild American ginseng,
& is the Latin root for the word panacea). It is suitable for industrial uses, i.e., for
manufacturers who might use ginseng as an ingredient in items such as herbal tobacco, soft
drinks, capsule pharmaceuticals & tea blends.  Alaskan ginseng is a potentially valuable export
crop for Alaska.

 Our products are not considered medicine we do not make any claims that any of our
 products will eliminate any medical condition or disease. 

Alaska Ginseng Lip Balm

Ingredients: Olive oil infused with Devils Club Root Bark,Coconut oil, Palm oil, Avocado Butter, essential oils of sweet orange, lime, Alaska Bees Wax.

This Lip Balm was made less potent than the Alaska Ginseng salve in this way it is a better choice for putting it on your lips and other sensitive areas of the body, it still is very affective.       Each tube has .20 oz (6 grams) of Lip Balm and a safty seal for your protection. 

DC-1A-DCLB They are $2.50 each 


Alaska Ginseng Salve 


Devils Club is a ginseng plant, being a member of the Araliaceae Family, & closely 
resembling Siberian ginseng. Athabascans used the root bark in tea for fevers, stomach 
trouble, coughs, and colds. They made a salve to put on arthritis, bug bites, and other skin 
Ingredients: Olive oil infused with 
Devils Club root bark, Alaska bees wax, Essential Oils of lime, spearmint, and sweet orange.
If rash occurs discontinue use. 

 Alaska natives have used this plant for these ailments and much more, for more information 
on Devils Club
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Our salve is used for a wide range of ailments such as arthritis, bug bites, insect stings, skin
sores, joint pains, skin problems................  

DC-1E-TNSA  Alaska Ginseng salve .25oz tin

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DC-1C-TNSA Alaska Ginseng salve .5oz tin




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DC-1G-TNSA8  Alaska Ginseng salve 8oz tin 

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  Alaska Ginseng Tea



 Ingredients: Devils Club root bark, Hibiscus, Orange peel, Lemon balm,
  Spearmint, Chamomile, Stevia leaf, and Alaska Rose Hips.


DC-1A-DCTE  Alaska Ginseng tea small 10 bags  $6.50

Each bag will make about 16oz tea 



DC-2A-DCTE  Alaska Ginseng tea large 10 bags  $11.00

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DC-4A-DCTE  Alaska Ginseng tea bags small each  $0.50

Each bag will make about 16oz tea 


DC-5A-DCTE  Alaska Ginseng tea bags large each  $1.00 

Each bag will make about 40oz of tea sold out


Alaska Ginseng Soap

Our Alaska Ginseng soap's have essentially the same property's as the Alaska Ginseng Salve's except that these soap's
allow you to absorb the oils on those hard to reach areas of your body as you wash.

 Alaska natives have used this plant for these ailments and much more, for more information on Devils Club
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Our salve is used for a wide range of ailments such as arthritis, bug bites, insect stings, skin sores, joint pains, skin problems................  

DC-1A-SOSO  Devils club soap 5oz-spruce-orange $6.50
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DC-2A-SOCO Devils club soap 5oz-clove-orange  $6.50  


DC-3A-SOUN Devils club soap 5oz-unscented  $6.50
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DC-4A-SOCI Devils club soap 5oz-citrus  $6.50

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DC-5A-SOSP Devils club soap 5oz-spearmint  $6.50  


DC-6A-SOAS Devils club soap 5oz-Alaska spruce  $6.50